CONGRATULATIONS to our client on settling his 3rd Investment Property purchase this year! Absolutely getting it done!

We often work with professional Buyers Agents, because that’s important for our clients. These property professionals are expert in types, locations, markets, and seek to balance the objectives of our client – in this case it was for a strong yield with ongoing expected capital returns – to grow assets for retirement with a medium-long term outlook.

We’re amazing at being mortgage and finance brokers, especially for multiple investors and first home buyers. We provide licenced credit financial advice, but are not licenced to give advice on property.

This particular property was located interstate and negotiated with a vendor leaseback at a market yield nearing 6% p.a. It has an appealing location close to services in a great neighbourhood and massive entertainment area along with modern internals. It’s a terrific buy well maintained by vendors!

Our mortgage broker advice and financial services are complimentary. We do this for the best interests of our clients and we strive to be the best mortgage brokers!

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