I was asked to provide commentary for MPA – Mortgage Professional Australia – about consumers saving by shopping in sales, holiday spending and rewards by saving.

We ALL get caught up in sales, they are super hard to resist! Psychologically, they are designed exactly this way.

But imagine if there were no sales!

Would we spend more, or would we spend less, OVERALL?

Are we buying in sales for Essential goods (needs), or for Discretionary goods (wants)?


  • If you put $200 every month ($2,400 every year) from boxing day sales (adult per capita spend) toward extra monthly repayments on a typical $500k mortgage.. What would happen?
  • You’d save over $100,000 in repayments and pay off your home loan 5 years sooner!!! Just from ONE single behaviour change.

That sounds very not uncool.

Unfortunately, it’s not just as simple as that, the retail industry is very important and it would be disastrous if we all stopped spending, but it does display one of the most powerful lessons every taught: “Save First, Spend Second”

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