“PRESENCE NOT PRESENTS” (less buying + more human connection)

We love this quote and popped it in our client email last week. It’s an appropriate display of the importance of finances and loved ones.

Why? Because in this graph we see our disposable income per person has gone severely backwards in the last year.   More than any period in the last 60+ years.

Define: Real Disposable Income: “The amount of money available to spend or save after accounting for tax and adjusting for inflation. It is a key measure of the purchasing power and economic well-being”

Basically we have less money to spend and/or the money we have buys less stuff.


  • Write down your budget (food, drink, gifts, travel)
  • Embrace the power of presence – not just presents!
  • Affordability, not desirability
  • Sell unwanted items, furniture or goods that you haven’t used in years
  • Make some sacrifices (takeaway coffee etc)
  • Keep receipts / return unwanted gifts
  • Start saving for 2024 Christmas

*Thanks for the graph Jonathan Preston.

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