Clever clients seek financial advice from experienced qualified professionals (like Truly Finance) rather than from selfie-loving Finfluencers (sorry...) 🤳

🕵️‍♂️ Credit Advisors at Truly Finance have traversed all the peaks and troughs since the Dotcom bubble, to the GFC and beyond, and deal with the entire range of client risk profiles. Newsflash - not everyone wants to be a multiple investor!

♻️ Debt Recycling can be a good strategy, a slightly fancy way of structuring home and investment loans.

Simply ... Debt Recycling is paying down non-deductible debt, then re-using (re-borrowing) that debt for a deductible purpose (for instance, investment). The key word is: purpose. 🤓

It doesn't suit all risk profiles, so don't get confused, talk to home loan and lending experts 🙋

Truly Finance's mortgage broker advice, financial services and property strategies are generally complimentary. We do this for the best interests of our clients and we strive to be the best mortgage brokers!

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