Some big banks advertise strategically, a low rate, with teeny tiny terms and lots of ********'s.. Is this loan product in your best interests?

Don't be fooled!

Yes.. We agree.. Big banks probably intend to do the right thing.

(And employee bonuses and shareholders, to celebrate record profits year after year into the Tens of $Billions)

When the best mortgage brokers like Truly Finance recommend a product or lender to a client, it must be in the Best Interests of our clients - not the banks. We're accredited across scores of lenders to enable this.

Best Interests we must consider include things such as: timing, incomes sources, credit history, deposit amount, future goals, family planning, household expenses, investment aspirations, retirement goals, service requirements, internet competency, and on and on.. All documented.

Most lenders provide the option of "Basic" loans or "Packaged" loans.

So - what's the best product for you? We can't tell until we ask you about what you need!

Truly Finance's mortgage broker advice, financial services and property strategies are complimentary. We do this for the best interests of our clients and we strive to be the best mortgage brokers!

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