This lovely (now also happy) young couple needed their loans restructured, their main objectives were to achieve the following:

✅Remove guarantee (parents' house was collateral)

✅Consolidate 4 loan accounts into 1 (simplify)

✅Extra funds for landscaping and driveway

✅Stay with the same bank

✅Get a better dealItwas slightly complicated due to employment circumstances, length of jobs, and property valuation.

Not even sure we'll get paid for this work from the lender, but it absolutely helped this beautiful couple simplify and achieve all the above goals, and we feel like superstar problem solvers!

“You go by your name; you are Truly Amazing! Thank you so much for going above and beyond for us! Thanks so very much!” Our credit advisory financial service is generally complimentary. We've not charged a dollar yet. We're in this for our clients' best interests.